IR-PATH is the standardization of school-level data represented as actionable data to positively contribute to strategic, programmatic, and systematic needs based on school, student, and teacher-level factors. The system is capable of developing a profile that provides the ability to improve system effectiveness and efficiency to address gaps associated with equity, infrastructure, learning, and resources pertinent to organizational improvement. After data cleansing and validation, we use data analytics, data mining, and forecasting the future based on past patterns, by extracting meaningful insights from various data sources to offer a comprehensive view of operations finances, performance, and more. The platform supports a focused approach of producing greater efficiency to the reporting process and implementing a systematic way of reducing duplication and a central hub for data. 


The comprehensive tool provides inherent benefits to an organization seeking to improve existing data or to design and implement a quality assurance system for continuous improvement. The benefits include:

•    Cost savings (e.g., legacy systems and technology);
•    Improving data quality processes;
•    Reporting for various local, state, and federal organizations;
•    Cleansing, validating, and leveraging actionable data;
•    Multiple data collections with the same data elements; and
•    Alignment of organization/program outcomes with data.


ir-path support

Training is provided on platform functionality and more. The platform can be specified to any organization including local educational agencies, state and federal organizations, associations, and more for constructing a quality assurance system leading to continuous improvement. For a private demonstration of the platform’s capabilities, please email or phone to schedule an appointment.   

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