Resolute Supported Evanston/Skokie D65 Virtually to Revise Strategic Plan

Updated: Aug 14

In less than nine (9) months, Resolute engaged in a partnership with Evanston/Skokie D65 (D65) to revise the strategic plan with a focus on continuous improvement. This involved reviewing all district data, audits, policies, documents, manuals, systems, etc., to develop themes. The District already possessed a strong equity policy and framework, which made the alignments work well. The team aligned their M.I.R.A.C.L.E.S framework to the revised strategic plan to bridge the equity framework to the strategic plan. The District has adopted the revised plan and is proceeding with the work that involves an annual review of measures to determine if outcomes are met. The strategic plan consists of five (5) areas: Equity, Accountability, Curriculum, Human Resources, and Fiscal management.

The Resolute team appreciates the partnership and enjoyed the spirited communication with district leaders, board members, teachers, staff, parents, and other stakeholders. The D65 community has a strong foundation with passionate professionals who work tirelessly to ensure all students are successful.

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