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Updated: Aug 11

Resolute Research

The team is currently engaged in various #research projects related to #socialscience. Take some time and peruse the information that includes peer-reviewed articles, presentations, and a description of the current research focus.


Caldwell, P., Smart, R., & Richardson, J. (2021) An investigation to explain structural racism associated with Michigan public charter districts funding effort. Journal of Education Human Resources.

Caldwell, P., Pearson, A., & Smart R. (2020) Addressing disproportionate discipline:

Building equity by understanding the need for change. Principal Leadership. March ed.

Smart, R., Sim, G., Caldwell, P., & Polega, M. (2022) The Crisis of Michigan’s School Finance Reform Proposal A: Taxable Value, District Debt Local Expenditure

Journal of Education Human Resources. [pending]


Office of Michigan Public Schools Finance (MiPSF) at Eastern Michigan University, College of Education, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Purpose: The primary aim of this research is to examine the persistence of racism specifically as it relates to public school funding policy, practice, and educational disparities within Michigan.

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