Image by Alex Brisbey
Sheree Joseph-Bos

Sheree Joseph-Bos

K-12 Subject Matter Expert Consultant

The team lead for the K-12 division for Resolute Educational Solutions. Sheree is an expert at research-based driven curriculum design, implementation, and evaluation that promotes academic excellence and provides equitable learning opportunities for all. Mrs. Joseph-Bos has more than 20 years of experience as an educator. She has facilitated workshops on culturally responsive teaching, restorative practices, and enhancing online teaching practices. Mrs. Joseph-Bos integrates groundbreaking, innovative research in school funding into course content. She plans, designs, prepares and delivers a diverse curriculum and course content for professional learning communities. She has served as a dean of students, teacher leader, adjunct faculty member, and independent consultant. She has led district initiatives to meet the needs of underserved students; assisted in the development and alignment of resources to support the efforts of diversity, equity, and inclusion; and analyzed data to identify performance or process gaps and strategically planned for improvement.